William Eggleston’s particular brand of mad genius has recently been filtered by Michael Almereyda’s combing of the Eggleston Archives and published as a book.  Twin Palm’s “William Eggleston: For Now” feels exactly like that to me…the dumbing down of an inaccessible genius by a third party.  I know that other’s like Szarkowski have curated Eggleston’s work to much success…but this time it just doesn’t work.  Perhaps I am missing the point of a fresh eye finding hidden themes in Eggleston’s unseen work (Eggleston is himself, evidently satisfied calling it a sort of ‘family album’) but it feels to contrived to me.  More portraits than I’d expect and the surreal moments Mr. Eggleston normally pulls from nowwhere feel like attempts at identifying surreal moments instead of actually being them.  

That being said it’s still awesome to look at pictures made by the Lee Perry of photography.